Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Teenagers - What to wear

This week’s writing prompts are about teens. If you haven’t had teen children then apply the prompts to teen relatives or friends, or your own teenage years. Or write about all teens or teenagerhood as a concept.

Teenagers seem to belong to tribes which dictate what their personal style is – emo or goth or whatever… Much of it seems to be black, whatever their style!

And when they’re not wearing strange combinations of layers, none of which are actually appropriate to the weather, they’re in fancy dress. There is a university city I drive through regularly and there doesn’t seem to be a time (except in the holidays!) when there aren’t groups of students in fancy dress walking into town…

~~~ Scrapbooker’s journalling challenge ~~~

Create a layout on “What ARE you wearing?”

~~~ Scrapper’s journaling challenge ~~~

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