Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time #1

This week's journalling prompts are based on concepts and issues around TIME.

Today - give yourself a time limit and freewrite.

Freewriting is a great way to "loosen the writing muscles" especially when you're sitting down to start a writing session, or trying to get over a writing block.

Give yourself a time, say ten minutes, and just keep writing. The rules are:

  1. Don't stop moving the pen (or typing)
  2. Start with a word or phrase (one from any previous day on this blog would do!)
  3. Keep writing even if it's just repetition or rubbish
  4. Don't worry about punctuation or spelling, untidiness or typos!
When you've finished put the writing away for today.

~~~ Scrapbooker’s journalling challenge ~~~

Find some photographs that reflect to you some aspect of the word "time"
Jot down a few details about the photos in preparation for layouts.

~~~ Scrapper’s journaling challenge ~~~

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