Friday, July 25, 2008

Time - making a date

This week's journalling and blog prompts are based on concepts and issues around TIME.

Today you are going to make a date with yourself. Set aside an hour tomorrow or the nest day when you are going to write and/or be creative. If you have to, arrange to get up an hour earlier!

When you've made a date, write it at the top of your page in your jorunal or new Word document and then write down all the reasons why you should make time for your creative self.

~~~ Scrapbooker’s journalling challenge ~~~

Tidy up your space in preparation for a big scrapping session tomorrow...
If you're already tidy - create a small project, e.g., 6x6 LO or maze book, about your scrapping spacxe.

~~~ Scrapper’s journaling challenge ~~~

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