Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Babies - and new life

This week's prompts are about babies - but on the understanding that babies aren't everybody's "thing" we will also be looking at the theme of New Life.

Even if you haven't had babies of your own, you will have had babies in your family, and with luck you'll even have some pictures of yourself when an infant. Babies are very photogenic and their photos generally make satisfying journal or scrapbook pages that everyone enjoys looking at.

If you’ve had a baby in the last twenty years you probably had an ultrasound. If you kept the picture – scrap it! I know mine wasn’t very good – you have to have a lot of imagination to see a baby in it! But she WAS there. And I was so overcome with seeing her that I went home and wrote a poem. If I could find it I would post it…

So the prompt for today is about expectations.

If you've had a baby - how did you feel when you were (or your wife/partner was) expecting? What were the feelings that went through your mind? If you had an ultrasound, how did that in particular make you feel?

New Life prompt: Expectations: what are your expectations in spring? With new growth in the landscape and all manner of new possibilities - what do you hope the spring and summer will bring?

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