Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family: Stories & sayings

Do you have any family sayings, words or phrases that are unique to yourselves, local dialect appropriated for your use, in-jokes and the like? These are great inspirations for a LO - write about how they came to be - or if you can't remember, just journal how these words are something that makes your family unique.

When I was a child, there is a family story about how, on a motoring trip, we got lost, the car bumped along smaller and smaller roads and eventually ended up at the end of a track with nowhere to go. Despite being less than two I got fed up with the adults' loud discussions about who got them lost and how they were to find their way out again, and insisted I would get out of the car and find the road. Amused, they let me out and off I toddled determinedly.

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