Friday, May 16, 2008

Finding your inspiration - arguments!

Arguments? Who wants to write about arguments?

I love a good argument.

I mean argument in the sense of "An argument involves the process of establishing a claim and then proving it with the use of logical reasoning, examples, and research."

It's perhaps more like a debate - arguing your point of view against someone else. Such fun!

If you're journalling or writing about something, you could use an argument format. Explain why you made a decision. Be a bit split personality: put in a questioning point of view.
Why did you marry HIM then?
Because I couldn't imagine life without him
That's a bit wet, what if he'd turned out to be
I think I knew him well enough by then to know what I was letting myself in for.
Can you ever know someone well enough after a short acquaintance?
We had known each other for THREE YEARS before we got married (and we didn't live together either - it was a "proper courtship") I think that's longer than most
So what was it attracted you?
I think he was the first person I'd ever met with whom I never ran out of anything to say....

When you're finishing your journalling - putting it into your best journal or your scrapbook page - you can take out the questions and see how it looks without them. Even if you don't include them - you may find that that "questioner in your head" has helped you get at a deeper truth.

But don't spend time on the kind of arguing that leads to rows? No-one will want to read about those, least of all you!

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