Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The journey - your daily journey

Do you commute? Do the school run? Do you have a journey that you do daily, or at least regularly - the trip to the shops even?

Next time you take that journey be more aware of it. Keep your wits about you and lok around you rather than being lost in your thoughts, head down, scurrying...

If you drive you can't exactly look around - but you can get out of that "auto-commute" feeling and take notice of what you're driving through.

Now write about it. It's an important part of your life, and something worth capturing.

Today on the motorway I was amazed to notice the fields either side covered in a layer of frost. Having had just a taste of summer in the last couple of weeks it's grim to think we're back to winter - or perhaps it's just a typical spring! Monday can be a busy day on the roads as weekly commuters like myself head off for their week's work. But on a sunny morning when they other drivers are being careful, it's not the worst drive in the world - I could describe some nightmare commmutes and one of the worst was the nearest to my home - 45 minutes to go 5.5 miles!

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