Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finding your inspiration – random words

It sounds silly, but have you ever tried just opening the dictionary at a random page and picking a word? A completely random word may be too far from what you are hoping to write about - although try it if you're COMPLETELY stuck for something to write.
If you have a topic or subject or particular photo or event to write about, I guarantee every page of the dictionary will have at least one word that relates to your subject, even if you have to hunt through the page to find it.
If you want to be a little more focused try opening at random a book about your subject (e.g., a book about Italy, or scrapbooking, or organising your home...).
If you're scrapbooking - try a random photo as well!

I picked a random dictionary page - turns out to be the first two pages of the letter J.
Jolly japes on a jaunt in the forest?
Maybe not!
Jam-packed visit from Jenny? getting warmer...

Sometimes I'm jealous of the fact that my friend Jenny lives on a beautiful remote island off the Gold Coast, where bellbirds sing and exotic flowers fill the garden with scent - and the weather's better! But just maybe Jenny is sometimes jealous of the lovely part of England I live in - traditionally green and pleasant, and packed with history from William Morrise to the Romans. I think we often come away from our (chiefly virtual) visits and chats grateful for what we both have...

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